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As a ReliefNow™ Laser Methods© licensed provider, you will learn how to implement our simple system to add an additional 150k to 250k plus “Private Pay” income to your existing practice! New patients will be seeking out your special laser methods and technology first in order to avoid more invasive treatments like drugs and surgical procedures.

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Help Your Patients Ditch the Drugs™ & Skip the Scalpel™ NOW! while getting paid what you’re worth!

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Our Team will fully integrate the business model for you! Whether you are an experienced laser practitioner or brand new to the world of class 4 high power deep tissue laser therapy, we promise that you will be amazed how easy it it is to add new income to your practice.

  • If you already use Class 4 Lasers and are not maximizing your results & income... we can help!
  • If you need a Class 4 Laser we can help you get the right laser for you at the best price!

ReliefNow Laser Methods© Programs

  • Positively impacts the lives of your patients
  • Creates an abundant flow of non-insurance income to you
  • Positively transforms your practice and your lifestyle

We’ll position you as the “GO TO Expert Authority” for Plantar Fasciitis, Rotator Cuff, Knee Pain and Sciatica as a licensed ReliefNow™ Laser Methods™ Provider!

  • Sciatica ReliefNow Laser Method
  • Plantar Fasciitis Relief Now Laser Method
  • Rotator Cuff ReliefNow Laser Method
  • Knee Pain ReliefNow Laser Method

The Magic of Laser

4 Phenomena happen daily for our doctors… Learn how you can experience this too:

  • Patients that would NEVER seek chiropractic… Will seek your Laser Practice
  • Patients will come to you for conditions they normally would not come to a chiropractor
  • Patients that are happy with their current chiropractor will come to you for your Laser Practice
  • Patients will travel much greater distances to see you for your expertise in Laser Therapy than traditional chiropractic

Affordable Membership Programs

For an affordable monthly payment you get Everything You Need to help your community to Skip the Scalpel™ & Ditch the Drugs™ and collect an additional $150-$250k non insurance pay yearly!

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The Laser Masters has a limited number of exclusive territories available to offer our proprietary laser treatments. We are looking to partner with healthcare professionals who want to substantially grow their private pay income. If that sounds like you, contact us today.

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