Our Team

Dr. Robert Hanopole

Dr. Robert Hanopole

CEO and Director of Practice Development

Dr. Robert Hanopole's previous career in the fast paced world of Fortune 500 marketing and management consulting coupled with the last 25 years thriving in multiple offices and practice building ventures has uniquely positioned him to help you achieve massive "cash based" practice success by becoming a ReliefNow Laser Methods Provider.

On a mission to assist colleagues attain higher levels of personal fulfillment through providing non invasive alternative solutions to drugs and surgery, he will teach you his "business within a business" Cash Based Laser Therapy Practice System. "Dr. Rob" shows doctors that they don't need to complicate their lives and finances by opening multiple locations because their current location can actually host additional separate and distinct thriving profit centers. His favorite philosophy is to "do all you can with what you have from where you are".

When he isn't busy researching the latest laser technology and practice model applications, Dr. Rob spends quality time with his family enjoying an active and healthy lifestyle in South Florida.

Dr. michael Rubenstein

Dr. Michael Rubenstein

COO and Director of Member Services

Dr. Michael Rubenstein has previously held various positions within the sales and marketing sector; much of his background has been in business development, customer relations, and helping companies improve their business models and overall customer engagement. He is proud of his ability to help businesses thrive; this includes his own busy practice.

While on his journey, he knew there had to be an even better way to keep more of his patients from drugs and surgery, avoid tedious insurance claims, and increase “private pay services”. Actively searching for ways to achieve this, he became fascinated with deep tissue laser therapy. As he became more and more acquainted with the high-powered, deep tissue laser and watched his own patients achieve amazing results, it was clear this was a secret he needed to share with more like-minded practitioners. As a Co-founder of The Laser Masters and the Relief Now Methods, Dr. Mike will help guide you on how to increase your “private pay” revenue, help more people, and improve the way you currently practice. Dr. Mike shows doctors how to achieve financial freedom - taking the power away from insurance companies and bringing it back into the hands of the doctor, all while helping patients achieve their most optimum health!

When he isn’t actively learning about laser technology or ways to improve his business, Dr. Mike enjoys spending time with his family trying new restaurants and at the beach enjoying the South FL weather.

Paul Schweet

Paul Schweet

Director of Daily Operations

Schweet hails from Chicago. He specializes in managing and growing nationwide sales organizations. By redefining the sales process and increasing revenue generating capabilities for B2B companies.

Schweet is a successful, hands-on entrepreneurial executive with a highly flexible, results-orientated management style. He brings more than 25 years of experience in optimizing and managing sales teams, marketing, and operations for start-up and established pre and post-IPO companies.

Having held various executive management positions, from Board of Directors, Executive Vice President, and Senior Vice President. He is the founder of “Managing the Sales Process;” a fractional business consulting company helping organizations improve performance, productivity and sales through his unique sales process.

He’s a former triathlete and is active in his community by serving as a Commissioner for Citizens with Disabilities and a Board member for Capital Improvements. He is also the author of the book “Happy Ears – The Sales Process Guide for Maximum Performance and Productivity.

Jeff Ratushny

Jeff Ratushny

Director of Business Growth & Strategy

Jeff Ratushny has vast experience in leadership, motivation, business growth consulting, sales, profit creation, and marketing strategy execution for businesses of all sizes. This extensive background allowed Jeff to realize there was a gap in the marketplace for a company to provide these solutions in a comprehensive manner to others. This is when he started InternetSalesResults.com – a dynamic web development and software company that offers complete business growth solutions.

Jeff's vision of offering a complete team of business building professionals and aggressive and cutting-edge marketing strategies to companies of all sizes quickly led ISR to become one of the largest web property management companies in the country. As an enthusiastic leader, he spent years focused on developing all the services that ISR has to offer today. He is the creator of several business growth programs and constantly focuses on improvements in all areas of the complete ISR portfolio of programs and client tools.

Jeff ensures all clients and projects are given the attention they deserve and it is important to him that all clients get a positive return on any investment made. He is a gifted professional speaker, motivator, and trainer for sales organizations of all sizes and is available to all clients for personal consultations.